Thursday, July 8, 2010

Round and Round LeBron Goes

He is a freak of nature physically. He does seem at times unstoppable on the basketball court. He was ordained as the king. He was to have had least a few championships by now.

LeBron James and his entourage have paraded themselves around with the supposed LeBron sweepstakes up for grabs. LeBron already knows what he is going to do. And if he hasn’t known for at least a week than he and his posse are just clueless kids pretending to be adults.

It’s either about the money or the rings, the brand or the bling. Will he stay with Cleveland for the max cash? Will he go someplace with better pieces, if there is such a place? Today we will know what LeBron James is really all about.

Personally I am ready for the circus to end. Besides, Kobe still holds the real crown and doesn’t look he’s ready to relinquish it to the prince yet.

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