Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Personal Conservative, Political Liberal?

I was talking to a friend/colleague of mine and she was telling me how she, personally, lived and made her choices very much conservatively, but, she votes as a liberal pretty much all the time. How can someone be personally conservative yet politically liberal?

Well, the usual explanation, which was hers, is that while she would never do some things it would be wrong of her to impose her beliefs on someone else. Which leads me to my next question, how can something be wrong for me but right for you, morally? Or is it the imposition of ones beliefs on someone else that liberals believe to be wrong? That seems to me to be the underlining argument.

For example, as my friend explained, although she would never get an abortion, she does not believe that she has the “right “to impose that belief on some one else.

Yet, it is the firmly held moral belief of the left that people with more money than someone else do not deserve it and are not capable of making choices for the greater good with said money. Therefore, they the benevolent left, as government, should tax the “rich” and “redistribute” the wealth to those they determine as worthy. I do not hold such a belief, but, I am forced to, no, my money is taken from me, involuntarily, and “redistributed” to others. Morally, I find that evil.

So, although I strongly disagree, with the form of wealth distribution ideals found among Democrats, liberals and leftists, I find no Democrat, no liberal, no leftist, with any concern over the moral conundrum of forcing me to live with their moral belief concern wealth distribution.

I find that a hypocritical, typical, and generally liberal way of thinking. What about you?

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