Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boxer Bashes Fiorina

The infamous Barbara “call me Senator” Boxer spent the day on the campaign  trail bashing her Republican opponent Carly Fiorina. Boxer blathered on and on trying to paint Fiorina as a failed business woman who laid off thousands of employees and sent jobs to China.

I’m not sure if the Senator has noticed the employment crisis in California under her leadership. People and businesses are vacating California faster than Boxer can say, “Save the smelt!”

In education alone record numbers of teachers have been laid off and will hit the unemployment numbers with brutal force. Police officer and fire fighter positions are being cut state-wide to meet the financial crisis that Barbara Boxer believes is already solved because the Obama administration told her it is.

The farming industry is hampered because of a smelt fish.
Companies like Nissan have left and others are considering a move to a state that does not tax the life out of it.

Boxer dares to attack Fiorina on jobs while she has done squat divided by two for California. I know she’ll say that the stimulus package is working, but, if she is honest….that’s not going to happen.

Boxer’s idea’s are like my “green energy saving light bulbs,” they cost more and do less.

Can Californians afford to vote Barbara Boxer in for another term of senseless ideas, useless measures, save the smelt but kill the economy and cripple the business community platitudes? I say no! Barbara Boxer she must go!

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