Monday, July 12, 2010

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) has a problem. Or maybe it’s the President’s problem. I mean, just how much of a Cracker must one be for the NBPP to hate you?

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If my calculations are right, our President is about 50% Cracker. So, is that enough Cracker for the NBPP to hate?

So, the NBPP hates all Crackers and wants to kill all Crackers and their Cracker babies. That means President Obama’s white mom, who raised him. That must mean his ¼ white children, too.

I watched “Where do you think are?” (I think that was the name of the show) a few months ago. Emmitt Smith traced his lineage back to Africa. It was pretty cool and he handled it with a lot of class and dignity. Along the way he had his DNA tested and found out he was not entirely African. I think he was 83% African and 17% European. The DNA expert explained that virtually no African Americans are 100% African, but contain a percentage of European DNA.
So, I wonder if any of the New Black Panther Party leaders would take a DNA test to check how white they are, I mean, for their own peace of mind. 
I checked out their web site and read their “10 point plan” and “9 local objectives.” Good luck, fellas, especially trying to get some “reparations” out of Africa.

The bottom line is this; the Obama administration and the Department of Justice don’t care about the actions, no matter how racist and extreme they are, of the New Black Panther Party. So, what does America think and what will America do?

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