Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hears to you George Steinbrenner…thanks for the memories.

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The legendary owner of the New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner died, yesterday.

George Steinbrenner was not my team’s owner, but for a fan of the game, as the opposing teams owner,  he was the perfect foil. He was great to hate. Truth be told, he was a great owner. To George Steinbrenner winning was the only thing.

So, I pay my respects to an owner that a fan couldn’t ask for more from. He did what he had to do to try to make his team the best team on the field, on any field. Every fan wants that from their team’s owner.

Yes, George Steinbrenner was a bit eccentric, getting in his teams face and his legendary battles with his manager Billy Martin.  But he had a right to demand a return for his investment. The Yankees as I know them are who they are because George Steinbrenner molded them into the image he wanted. I hated them because they were good and when players played for them they just seemed to play better.

To all other owners: Be like George, put the best team on the field for your fans.

A final thought: It is interesting that on the day that he died, so died the American Leagues All-Star game winning streak.

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