Friday, June 4, 2010

Time to go, Mr. President.

OK, it's time to get out of Afghanistan. Gallant effort, but it's not a place to wage a ground war. The country ate up the Soviet Union, now it's eating us up. I do think it may have been the right thing to do to try to focus on Afghanistan, but, it is the graveyard of nations isn't it? Maybe a different tactic, like covert operations. Small groups that go in take a few shots and get out, take them at their own game.

One thing I notice, or don't notice: I don't see the constant coverage of the numbers of American soldiers dying like I did during the Bush Presidency. Coverage followed by news footage of groups against the President. Yet, American soldiers are dying in Afghanistan. 

So, will the President save face or save lives?

Thus asks me.

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