Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lakers vs Celtics

Let's get ready to rumble! Let's get it on! Let the games begin! However you want to say it, it's time. Tonight the Lakers begin the best of seven series for the NBA Championships! This promises to be a great showdown between the last to NBA champions. Purple and gold vs. green and white. The Bean-town brawlers vs. the Showtime Lakers. 

My heart says the Lakers in 6, but  my head says the Lakers in 7. The deciding factor is Kobe Bryant. He has been able to will his team to victory. The rest of the Lakers are falling in line and ready to go. The Celtics are falling in line with his grit and growl. But, his will to win is not the same as Kobe's and only Kobe scares the snot out of coaches and opposing players at the end of a game. 

Some may say two years ago...well, that was two years ago and the team had not quite gelled. Now Pau is tougher and battle tested. HE wants to make amends for the loss. Lamar is focused and his candy is stocked. Farmer has his chip properly placed on his shoulder to prove HE should be the starting point guard. Bynum just needs to puts his hands up and make them shoot over or around him. Phil's put out his salvo of head game chatter. We're ready to go!

Go Lakers!

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