Monday, June 14, 2010

I have a right to drive in peace

Court gives Redondo Beach OK to arrest day laborers soliciting work
By Denise Nix Staff Writer
Posted: 06/11/2010 07:12:21 AM PDT

A federal appellate court ruled Wednesday that Redondo Beach can enforce a city ordinance that allows the arrest of day laborers soliciting work from people inside cars.

The city attorney enacted the ordinance after residents and business owners complained about the day laborers impeding traffic flow, littering, urinating in public, causing property damage and harassing women.

I don’t want to argue about amendment rights. I do want to argue about my right to drive without being solicited! I should be able to drive with my window down and not be concerned about someone coming up to my window and trying to sell me some oranges, flowers or anything! If I want that I can go to TJ.

I’ll bet that if one of these jaywalk vendors darted into traffic and got themselves hit there would be some lawyer trying to make a buck by suing the legal driver, the city and the driver that didn’t buy his goods so he had to run to another car!

So, stay off the medians, stay off the street, stay out of my car window. Let me drive in peace!

Thus saith me.

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