Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebration Latino style?

OK, some times you just have to call it like you see it. Last night my Los Angeles Lakers won their 16th NBA title against the hated Boston Celtics. I loved the game, both teams played intense playoff basketball. What I hate is the aftermath. Most of LA celebrated with style and class. Most of LA screamed and yelled, cheered and danced. Then…what do you know, what do you see on TV? I saw a bunch of crazies jumping on cars, turning over a street direction sign, throwing things, and fighting. This is like most cities; we all seem to have an element that just doesn’t know how to act.

Now, this will be hard for some people to face up to but, who did you see? If I say I saw gang bangers (and I taught at schools that were populated by them for most of the 21 years I have been in education) many people might think I mean the notorious Crips or Bloods. But I didn’t see any. The African Americans I saw who were interviewed were like everyone else, happy but responsible. I saw what I saw last year, a bunch of Latinos or Mexicans acting like idiots. EVERYBODY else in LA has figured out how to celebrate without causing damage to public property, or injuring someone else. It is time for our Latino or Mexican population to do the same. Yes, I know Mexico won a World Cup game earlier in the day so they had two reasons to celebrate but, destruction of public or private property and injuring another person is not celebration it is lawlessness and must stop.

So, actually this is for Mayor Antonio Villariagosa to deal with. Let’s see some leadership from Mayor Villariagosa. What will he do? Let’s see.

Thus saith me.

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