Thursday, June 17, 2010

10 Reasons Barbra Boxer Must Go

I have been represented by the politics of a clueless unconcerned egomaniac for most of my adult life. Her name: Barbra Boxer. She must go. The following are 10 reasons I say she needs to be voted out.
1. She is a democrat to the nth degree
2. Even democrats think she has been in office too long
3. Thinks that climate change is a greater threat than terrorists
4. She is pro-choice, pro-abortion
5. More worried about global women’s rights issues than issues in the state she represents
6. Equates Viagra usage with abortion choices
7. Supports gun control
8. Dressed down a general for calling her ma’am not Senator
9. Supports sanctuary cities for illegal aliens
10. She is Barbra Boxer supporter of President Obama, health care, and taxing the living snot out of her constituents.


Thus saith me.

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