Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Long Gray Line

Which was worse, President Obama’s speech or the coverage by the press? While the President said things like, “Your service is fundamental to our security back home.” He also said, according to the Associated Press, that “All hands are required to solve the world’s newest threats: terrorism, the spread of nuclear weapons, climate change and feeding and caring for a growing population.”

Wait a minute! I thought the President was addressing West Point graduates? What's all this talk about feeding and caring? I thought he was addressing soldiers not daycare workers!

You see, to me, this is another area where conservatives and democrats differ. Democrats see armies and big giant police forces or Peace Corps. Conservatives see armies as forces that go win wars by defeating enemies.

Besides that what happened to the old you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime wisdom our country was founded on? Conservatives seek to provide opportunities for people to be self reliant, also known as jobs. Democrats seek to create an ever dependant population.

The AP article also stated that “Bush’s my way or the high-way approach alienated some allies and damaged U.S. standing around the world.” Bush did not ruin Americas standing around the world, the left and their propaganda machine also known as the press did. Because they were so hell-bent on winning the 2008 presidential election by slamming Bush, Republicans and the USA on a daily basis they foolishly defamed our entire nation. Only fools would believe they could tie Bush and the USA together and just say, “But that was Bush and the Republicans not us.” And after they came to power the world would  just think everything is OK now that the Democrats are in power. It is the way they conduct their political campaigns. "They don't like you! They're bad, We are good!" Notice the Arizona boarder law. The issue is that the Federal government is NOT doing their job and the pressure is falling on the local populace to try and deal with it. But, “No,” they tell us,” it’s those white people who don’t like Mexican’s. They are prejudiced.” I thought an immigrant was supposed to enter America legally. 

I thought armies won wars. I thought Presidents saluted the flag. I thought Presidents were proud of their country before "they" took office. I  thought a  lot of things before President Obama was elected.

Thus saith me.

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