Thursday, May 27, 2010

Barbra Boxer Must Go

I looked up a sight to check on the voting record of the Senator who represents me, the infamous Barbra Boxer. First, the sight is kind of goofy because the people running it think nearly every act helps the middle class.I believe I'm in the middle class and I haven't noticed any help for me.

Now how about my Senator? Let's take one vote for a sample. Barbra Boxer voted yea on the Warm in Winter Cool in Summer Act, and for this she was awarded a “thumbs up.” Of course the act actually was written to help lower income families, which are apparently termed the aspiring middle class. Who will pay for this? The actual middle class. Under the leadership of Barbra Boxer I have seen housing costs skyrocket, the cost of living rise and my taxes go up. I am the middle class! Barbra Boxer must go!

Thus saith me.

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