Monday, April 26, 2010

Leave My Salt Alone

Do we really need the salt police? What’s next, the butter police?

Isn’t there a Pink Floyd Song about this?
     Hey there FDA, leave my salt alone!
     Just another porkulus taxing my rights away!
     Hey there FDA, leave my salt alone!

Seriously, why do I need the government controlling my restaurant menu options? I do not want the government telling me what to eat at Mc Donald’s, Burger King, In-n-Out or any restaurant.
I can imagine some Democrats arguing that it would create more jobs! The Obama administration would create the Department of Healthy Menu Options. Of course, the Republicans would counter that it’s just big government growing bigger, which actually would be true.
What about culturally? What if some particular cultural food contains excessive (thus saith the FDA) amounts of salt, sugar or anything the FDA outlaws? Wouldn’t it be an invasion of or just ridiculous meddling in people’s cultures? Why does the FDA need to be regulating my cultural experiences?

I heard some liberal political pundit explaining all the reasons why excessive amounts of salt in food is bad for people and therefore should be regulated by the government because we the people are too stupid to make decisions for ourselves and unable to enjoy all things in moderation if we so choose. I used to be shocked by idiots like this lady. But, I no longer am surprised. Liberals love to talk about civil liberties and freedom, but most of their actions limit people’s rights and choices.
No American, even nutcracker head liberals, needs the government telling them how to eat.

In short, worry about your own plate and keep your fingers out of mine!
Thus saith me.

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