Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let’s Talk Basketball Greatness

It’s the playoffs baby! Some call it the second season, the one that counts. Yes, I am a Laker homer. Today I proclaim Magic Johnson as the best and greatest player ever.

He was great at every level he played, from the playground to the Olympics, from college to the NBA.

He made all those around him better. Kareem, Big-game James Worthy, Copper, Scott, Wilkes and the list goes on. He shared the ball and made his success linked with the success of his teammates.

He could play all five positions and was a coach on the floor. Remember Magic’s game 6 performance at center against the Sixers? He reinvented the point guard position and made it his own.

He led the Lakers to 5 NBA championships, and don’t forget the NCAA championship against Larry Legend.

He played against some great players and teams; Dr.J, Larry Legend, Hakeem the Dream and a young guy named Michael to name a few.

Magic was magic. He was fun to watch.

Here’s to Magic, the best of the best.

Thus saith me.

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