Friday, May 9, 2014

Mikes, Sharks and Jays on Flush 'em Friday, the 5 9 14 Edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday! Time to flush a few groups that just get on my nerves and bother me.

Mike D'Antoni - so long and thanks for all the fish. You were actually a good sport. You might look up the word defense.
Mike Brown - details without creativity is deadly.
Mike Wallace - ask a real question of the POTUS, I dare you.

San Jose Sharks - 3 - 0 to 3 - 4 as fast as you can say Los Angeles Kings.
Shark Bait
Sharkeisha - everyone I've known whose name ends with a -eisha has been trouble.
Sharknado - wow, on par with Howard the Duck.

Jay Carney - taking BS to hitherto unknown levels.
Jay Mohr - he just needs a whirly twirly.
Jay Jay - no, no.
Jay Z - Z because it's as far as he could go.

There you have it, there you go.

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