Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sharpton & Belafonte or Dumb & Dumber 2012

I finally had a moment to watch the clip of Harry Belafonte and Al Sharpton discussing what should be done with those who disagree with them. I am stunned by the arrogance and self-righteous pontification expressed by Harry and Al. 

As a Christian and want-a-be theologian I have this theory that every hieratic was alone when they came up with their great idea and if they ran it by someone, they only ran it by impressionable disciples or yes men. To listen to Al ask Harry what he thought the Kenyan American President should do with those who disagree with him was disturbing at best. Neither has to sense to apply any logic to their attempts at political philosophy. It sounded more like Don King and Mike Tyson trying to write a thesaurus. 

I think Belafonte's logic is that since Obama won the election anyone who disagrees with his ideals has no right to hold an opposing view and Barack's best course is to imprison those who disagree politically, in order to carry out his "mandate". Because more people voted for Obama than did not, the minority view should silently accept and acquiesce to BO and his politics. So Harry, all those years that a Republican was in office and the majority voted against larger government and higher taxes and for fiscal restraint (like say Regan) that you and all those in the then minority should not have expressed your opinions and should of, rightly, been imprisoned? You mean, rather than listening to liberals for nearly the entire presidencies of both Bush's the entire Democratic party and any journalist who disagreed could of been imprisoned? 

It is exactly because of people like Harry and Al that our forefathers added the first and second amendments. The right to bear arms is to allow us to defend ourselves from any such tyrant that would seek to force us into silence and take away our right to the freedom of speech. Harry is apparently oblivious to the truth that those on the right hold his freedom so sacred as to let him speak such foolish ideals for all these years without imprisoning him. 

Al Sharpton and Harry Belafonte at the same time demonstrate the beauty of the first amendment and the danger of giving just anyone a microphone.

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