Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tax the Rich, Keep the checks a coming.

As I watch the stock market begin to crumble and listen to the sounds of life going on I breathe. 

A student in my first period class said that her mom said, "You better vote for Obama or the welfare checks will stop coming!" 

The voters in my state voted in people whose best plan and only plan to is to "tax the rich" yet voted down most of the measures that would raise taxes, even on the rich. 

I hardly slept at all last night. I am an emotional man. I can only look to God Almighty and trust that he is bigger than mankinds selfishness. 

America is not really mentioned in Biblical prophecy concerning the end times. Many believe that America must become irrelevant geopolitically otherwise there would be some mention of a country siding with Israel. Will this President hasten that day? 

Apparently the middle of America is actually liberal. Lord, help us. America without a Judeo-Christian soul and conscience will only be morality by popular vote. 

I bow my head and pray...

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