Tuesday, November 6, 2012

PTVoice on Election Day

I can't believe I slept as well as I did last night! I am pretty nervous about the elections today. I think Romney's going to win, but, I live in a state that was "bright" enough to re-elect Jerry "tax you" Brown. I work with a bunch of people who believe what they are told without checking in on the reality they live in! 

I have pointed out that the last time teachers got a raise, the last two times, were during or directly after a Republican was in office. Why? Because they truly cut the fat, not just little meaningless bits of fat. Jerry Brown made some cuts when he first took office, but it was like liposuction on someones arms but not their spare tire or secretary spread. You end up with skinny arms on a grotesquely obese body. There you have it, California in a nutshell, politically. Kind of sounds like the state of the country under Obama too. 

So, I will go to work today. Do my best to teach middle school children to be self thinking, hard working, giving citizens. I'll get off work, go vote and hope for a real change. 

May God bless America! Thank God we live in a country where voting is our right! 

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  1. I think that this " Fiscal Cliff," is just more smoke & mirrors of Ob's making. The biggest tax increase since WWII for O'Care. He is trying to make it appear that the tax increases are the fault of the Republicans. I am so sick of all of his lies, that some people Believe.