Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What 's Wrong with Taxes on No Tax Tuesday!

The debate: tax or no tax, Obama vs. Romney, Democrats vs. Republicans, or maybe it's the government vs. the people. Put very simply: why should I pay any more taxes or as much as I do? Frankly the return on tax dollar, the need for more tax revenue, limitless taxing nor the redistribution of wealth via taxation are anything more than a sham. Not to mention, I need the money, my money. 

First of all the return for the tax dollar that the American public receives is pathetic at best. For all the talk I hear from Democrats about "investing" in green jobs, education and bla bla bla, it always results in a big waste of my tax dollar. Have you ever looked at the amount per gallon you pay on taxes? And the roads still have potholes the size of a smart car! Where are all the so called green jobs? Green jobs just means my green in someone elses pocket. Can you say Solyndra? 

Secondly, the issue isn't a need for more tax revenue but the need for less spending. I believe I remember President Obama talk about living within our means, as country. Really? The Joe Biden led Democrats haven't even come close to putting out a budget let alone passing one! Budget smudget must be the Democrats mantra. But, president Obama has kept the deficit above a trillion. It not about "investing" it's about cutting the size of government and spending less. 

Lastly, the redistribution of wealth via taxation and government programs is nothing short of evil. The arrogance of anyone who thinks they can decide for anyone else how much they should make and how much they should be allowed to keep is just shy of blasphemy. Who do they think they are, the god they don't believe in? I guess the same arrogant self proclaimed demi-gods who think they should tell you what size soft-drink you can order or how much salt you can have on your food or what kind of Happy Meal  you can order for your child. 

Taxes, are they worth what we "invest"? I definitely don't like the return, I don't think we need more taxes and the redistribution of anyone elses anything is evil. Which leads me to end with this; no government should ask for more than my God. 

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