Monday, October 22, 2012

The Final Debate: A Desperate President Fabricates Unprecedented Fiction

OK, so I just watched the debate. I can tell you who I think one. But, to be honest I would vote for Romney even if I thought he lost the debate. Obama would have to convince me that he is not a liberal. He did not do that. He would have to convince me that he has America's interests at heart, not his globalists agenda, again he did not. 

What did I see? I saw a President on the run. I saw a challenger with a plan. Every time Obama said Romney didn't have a plan Romney reviewed the five point plan. It seems to me that a sitting President should have the advantage on a foreign policy debate. I think Obama tried to seize that advantage by talking about all the things "we" did. The problem is I have no idea what the heck he's talking about! The secret missions with Israel? Are you flipping kidding me? Then the President kept saying that he stood with Israel. That we have Israel's back. Wow. If you believe that send me $100.00 and I will triple your money. 

I have to say, not since Wild Bill Clinton have a seen someone able to look straight into a camera and just make crap up. There is a big difference between ideas and actions. Obama talks a lot about plans and commissions and bla bla bla, no real action.

And by-the-way, the Osama Bin Laden thing; it was started by Bush and could not of happened without the policies and systems  he put in place , which the candidate Obama was against. If the world respects the US more because of Obama, why do they kill our ambassadors? Why are there rallies calling us the great evil? If you have made such headway with "unprecedented" sanctions why does Ahmadinejad clearly thinks Obama is of no concern? 

Finally, if any network calls it close, it's a Romney win. 

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