Friday, July 13, 2012

Crazy ebay bidders, staged reality shows and Matt Miller on Flush 'em Friday the 7 13 12 Edition

Helllllooo everybody! Happy Flush 'em Friday! Who needs a good old fashioned whirly twirly?

I nominate the following:

  • People who bid me up on ebay.
  • Staged Reality Shows.
  • Racial quotas.
  • Cigarette smokers who stick their cigarettes out of their windows away from themselves and closer to me. 
  • Matt Miller for being foolish enough to believe that the GOP doesn't want people insured. 
  • Class warfare and those who wage it.
  • Anyone who thinks Fast and Furious is a movie. 
  • Hollywood liberals, always proving that brains and acting don't necessarily go together.
  • "Unprecedented"
  • Bad guys who try to out run the police.
  • People who talk during the movies.
  • Spam.
  • Pastels.
  • The LA Clippers.
  • The NY Yankees.
That's all for now folks. Have a fabulous Flush 'em Friday!

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