Friday, July 6, 2012

Boy Bands, Anderson Silva and veggie-burgers on Flush 'em Friday the 7 6 12 Edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday! It is time to flush down the people, ideas and things that just need to be flushed!

This Flush 'em Friday I nominate...

  • Veggie-burgers - because that's an oxymoron, if it's veggie it's not a burger. 
  • Me - for muffing the Soap Box Derby...
  • Green Energy...I just want to know what the electric bill is for charging a car.
  • Anderson Silva...yes I know Chael Sonnen is a bit egocentric but I'd still like to see him beat the spider.]
  • Global warming blowhards...maybe if they stopped and looked at the facts long enough to listen they'd reduce the hot air by about 98%.
  • Government interventionists trying to tell people how to make good food choices...isn't it a bit hypocritical for government fat-cats to suggest they know anything about "waste" cutting choices?
  • Revisionists of any kind...what a bunch of ignorant and arrogant punks. These are usually same naive fools who think LBJ actually cared about minorities. 
  • MSNBC...liberal drivel and the progressive dufinshmirtzes of the world.
  • Furlough days...just another pay cut...
  • The color June gloom in July, it just doesn't look good.
  • Last but not necessarily least, boy bands.
Thanks for checking out the list and feel free to leave your own.


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