Friday, May 25, 2012

Blake Griffin, Presidential blame game and the Annoying Orange on Flush 'em Friday on the 5 25 12 edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday! Once again it is time to offer up those and that which have a need to go to that great cesspool of worthless crap.

The nominees are:

  • The color mauve.
  • Blake Griffin and his post dunk scowl.
  • E.J.Dionne, Jr. for not understanding that conservatives believe that governments help people by staying out of their lives not by trying do everything for them.
  • LOST (the Law of the Sea Treaty)... to think we can control 1/3 of the oceans is foolish.
  • The LA School Board: for being both ignorant and corrupt. What other group has picked such disasters as Superintendents? If they cared about the students and had an once of integrity they would resign. 
  • The POTUS claim that if he wasn't President and didn't do what he has done things would be even worse. That's like a rapist saying to their victim, "Well, if it wasn't me, and it was another rapist it would of been an even more despicable rape."
  • People who believe that line.
  • The annoying orange.
  • The Giants, D-backs and Padres.
  • Kevin McHale.
  • Parents afraid to punish their know-it-all teenagers. 
Happy Flush 'em Friday!

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