Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Tax Tuesday:Where Are All The Green Jobs 8 23 11 Edition

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Where are all the green jobs I heard both President Obama and California Governor Brown talk about "investing" in? I might even ask, "Where are any jobs?" That's what many of his own people (since he doesn't consider the half the raised him part of himself) are asking. Even Representative Maxine Waters (who has done squat divided by three for her people) wants to know where the jobs are? 

I decided to check out these so called green jobs. I went to http://greenjobscalifornia.org/ . There are quite a few headings under the  "Green Jobs Guidebook" section. Let's check them out and see what hope someone might have now that we have had a few years of real change. Under Low Carbon Power and Renewable Power there was one job for a Power System Operator and Instructor with a salary of $25 - $30 per hour. There was no minimum education required, no recommended college course work, but a High Level of experience needed: 10 years of progressively responsible and with 5 years in control room operations and 3 years as a Senior Shift Power System Operator. For the Solar Power and Photo voltaic (PV) Systems position there is a "Sorry, there were no jobs that met your query" response. When there is a "job" description it is described as Growth Potential, but, I have trouble finding the actual links to actual job applications. 

Where are these jobs? Where are any jobs? I did hear that the POTUS is going grant a Spanish company, Abegnoa Bioenergy,  $134 million in loan guarantees that will created 65 jobs. Palin says that is $134,000,000 /65= $2,061,538.46 per job. Now, just for fun let's extrapolate that a bit. For every 1,000 jobs that would be an investment of $2,061,538,460.00. After that the numbers get a bit much for my tiny calculator. Besides the obvious question, "Why not an American company?", how about 1,000's of real jobs that might actually help actual Americans? 

I'll bet that if you gave $2,000,000 to 1,000 Americans at least 10% of them would create businesses that would employ more that 65 people. I'll bet that if you gave 65 Americans the $2,000,000 at least 10% of them would create businesses that would employ more than 65 people! 

Give me $2,000,000 to create jobs...

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