Friday, September 2, 2011

Maxine the Gangster: Flush 'em Friday: The 9 2 11 Edition

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Hello everybody and happy Flush 'em Friday!!!
Today I would like to start off the list with one of the biggest bigots, racist and plain goof-ball American politics has ever seen...

  • Maxine Waters...for wanting to tax banks (does this include the one her husband has an interest in?) out of existence. The gangster politician speaks.
  • The Feds, DOJ, for raiding Gibson guitars and suggesting that they outsource labor to Madagascar. 
  • Progressives: because what is progressive (positive in any way) about the progressive agenda? 
  • Frank McCourt...take the money and leave.
  • People who turn right from the far left lane (3 lane roads) with about 100 feet to go, while smoking and texting.
  • Again, purple cars. 
  • Soccer players who flop and lay on the ground for extended periods of time.
  • Housing prices, they still need to drop.
  • Individual bags a chips, because the amount of chips keeps getting smaller.
  • Goecaches that aren't maintained.
That is my list for this week.
What's on yours?
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