Monday, May 16, 2011

Taking Harman's Place with Green Jobs

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Jane Harman is out. It is about time! Now, who will take her place as Representative for the 36th Congressional District? Unfortunately, the vast majority of my neighbors are Democrats. The same group that voted Jerry Brown back into office, who's big plan is to ask the California voters to vote to tax themselves more. Am I the only one who thinks that is as stupid as it sounds? 

Reading the leading candidates ideas from the Democratic side is not very hopeful. Again, a lot of talk about green jobs. Green jobs? What makes a job green? Is green really better? Let me just take my light bulb for instance. If a green light bulb is better why does it cost more and last like 1/4 as long? The redistribution of wealth. My green into someone else's pocket! I would think to the voters of any part of the United States let alone California jobs, any jobs, would be the focal point of the debate. Green!? I don't care if they're purple with yellow stripes, the 36th Congressional District, like any other, needs jobs, no matter the color!

I even read of one candidate described as a "cerebral technocrat" who is worried about energy effecting climate change and the snow pack! Are you kidding me!!! Really? I can hear it now, "I'm pleased to announce that we will be shutting down the manufacturing plant because we believe it to create warmth which leads to the melting of the snow-pack." "Sorry about the loss of jobs, but we will be manipulating tax revenue to create green jobs. When? Soon."

Wake up California! Companies and jobs left Harman's district and she was clueless about it! Why vote in another clueless green jobless libnut? 
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