Tuesday, February 8, 2011

See Jane go, look out below

WASHINGTON - APRIL 22:  Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
I was greeted by my local paper this morning with the news that U.S. Representative Jane Harman is quitting her seat in Congress. My first reaction was of course to be pleased that she would no longer be hampering the South Bay with her "leadership". But, it kind of reminded me of when I first started teaching.

I started teaching right after an ugly two + week strike. When I heard how it all went down I thought that the Union president was a knucklehead. Then came the next Union president who had no clue how to bargain or walk across the street and thus made the first guy look better than he was. Following her was a man who I am sure only owned slip on shoes because tying them was way beyond his pay scale and in turn made the first Union president I knew look like a genius. Finally, we have someone who has his moments and a clue about bargaining  but his wardrobe can be embarrassing. 

My point is that even though I am delighted to see Jane go, I am also worried about who may come after her. I worry because I live in her district where my fellow citizens have voted her in nine times even though, despite her alleged knowledge of the space industry, many aerospace jobs have left and Jane didn't see it coming! Seriously, I am surrounded by people who elected Jerry Brown in again! The rest of the country figured out that Obamanomics is does not work, yet Californians voted in every single left wing nut on  the ticket.

I am worried, because even though it is nice to see Jane go, my experience tells me that an even more liberal politician is just waiting for the opportunity to exploit the masses in the South Bay and rather not be exploited. 
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