Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: No Need for Federal Waste 2.15.11

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The Federal Government has a place. Just how much of a place is enough? When it is just a waste of money and a matter of big government payouts, that is too much.

I think when I send my hard earned money in the form of taxes to the government the stewardship of its use should be of utmost importance. The problem is that just by the fact that the federal arm of the government touches the money once costs more than it is worth. Why? Because at the very least scores of people are paid to dole out the money in forms of grants to states. Think of it like this: You "invest" in an IRA that claims big returns, but, in reality charges a 10% handling fee. Even if the IRA did make a 7% profit it would be a 3% loss. There is no profit (for tax payers) with taxes. There is only loss. 

So, I say, if tax funds are used for state issues such as education and welfare, let the money be collected by the states and handled by the states. Less red tape, less government waste. The results would be less taxes with better results.  
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