Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's Up Chuck?

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So Charlie Rangel was charged with 13 counts of financial and fundraising "misconduct" and convicted of 11. It took two days to figure out he was guilty? What were they doing? Maybe they were just trying to get the total number of charges to under a dozen. 

The LA Times said, "The chief counsel doesn't cite corruption but financial sloppiness.” Sloppiness? Charlie wasn't eatin' ribs (was he?), he was conducting his financial and fundraising affairs with his usual ethical integrity. Why isn't La Times asking for his head? Because they are the propaganda wing of the left. Come on, Times, sloppiness!? The only sloppy was the journalism.

If Chuck was a Republican the party would ask him to resign. But, the Democratic party will just ask him to lay low for awhile. This clearly demonstrates the lack of moral fiber by the self-righteous left. They tell us what a defender of the weak he was and how he has always been there for minorities. He's a crook.

Isn't it nice how the committee was able to do this charade AFTER the November 2nd elections? Typical politics, a show of righteous indignation but noting more. Let's see what the "Committee" will come up with for punishment.
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