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Loose Cannon Fire 11 20 10

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[QUOTE who="What A Joke"]
Women have been villified for centuries, thanks to the 3 major religions - Christianity, Judaism and Islam. I noticed that Wicca doesn't judge women nor condemn them. Why is that?[/QUOTE]
Wicca just allows women to be abused by choice and lack of moral absolutes.
If you had a clue about Judeo/Christian beliefs you would know that the Bible sought to protect women from the capricious cultural norms that allowed men to divorce their wives without cause, kind of like the Muslim beliefs of today still hold. No joke.

Obama as a capitalist is like Brock Lesnar as a ballet dancer.
If America is to be competitive in a global economy businesses MUST be able to operate for profit on a global scale. The Democratic tax deforms cripple businesses and make it all  but impossible for US businesses to compete. Countries without unionized labor such as China will have an edge because the cost of labor is so much lower than Americas.
Will the sales of the shares of GM go to pay back we the people?

"The rich hate us"?
Who are these rich people the Democrats love to make their scapegoats?
When you say rich do you mean the small business owners who seek to employee people like "us" everyday?
When you say "the rich" do you mean those who make more money than you?
Take a look at Cuba. Castro blamed the rich and they left. He now admits that socialism hasn't worked out the way he hoped. The first Cubans came to America and and new how to work. Now, thanks to socialism, they know how to stand in line waiting for bread.
Blame the rich? Really?

The idea of the "bright young people" as teacher is a myth. Studies show that although newer teachers believe they are more affective because of their "passion", the reality is that students of more experienced teachers score higher and learn more.
I have taught and been and administrator for over 22 years. Experience counts.

The teaching profession does have some nice benefits. But for all you people from the "private sector" who think it is all drinking tea and talking with kids, I doubt you have to put up with 14 year olds telling you to F off, or their parents who insist on teachers respecting their children despite the fact they are out of control and disrupt classes on a daily basis.

The Wall Street lobbyists shouldn't have too hard of a time finding connecting with their old buddies since many of them now work for Obama.

The reason why the republicans were " successful" in their " campaign to cast the healthcare legislation as a " Washington takeover," is because IT IS a government takeover!

I'm surrounded by lunatics! Maybe after this bunch of Democrats decimate the state even more  Californians will realize liberalism destroys economies and freedoms.

As is the custom of my libtard state, the regressives have again injured the themselves, our state and our country.
If someone is in state or out of state or incognito illegally, they have no rights.
If businesses will be required to not hire and turn in illegal aliens why shouldn't schools and universities?

Rangel guilty - Why did it take his peers TWO DAYS to figure out he was guilty? Or did it take them that long to narrow it down to under a dozen?
When's Maxine up to bat?

"The chief counsel doesn't cite corruption but financial sloppiness."1. Sloppiness? Charlie wasn't eaten' ribs, he was managing his financial affairs with a "lack" of integrity and honesty! 2. If it was a Republican the propaganda wing of the left (yes, The Times and most "news" outlets) would of been all over it like hyenas to a fresh kill.

You know, if you don't have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.
Why is it that "civil rights" groups put other Americans at risk with their phobias?
I don't mind a little intrusion at the airport to avoid a bomb blowing me out of the air.
Maybe these civil rights groups should worry about the government controlling the salt intake.

["Rocket J Squirrel"]I USED to fly between LA and San Jose on business but between the usual problems at airports and now this, my actual drive time to LA is about the same.
I'm sorry but this is just an invasion that exceeds even Orwell's idea of the future.”
Did Orwell envision getting ones asterisk blown to kingdom come by a radical Muslim?

“For those talking about deficits and paying for things, they often fail to realize what will injure deficit reduction will be a failure of the economy to continue to grow," Casey said. "You can’t have economic growth without jobs.”
Only a Democrat considers unemployment as "a job." In my understanding of reality, the act of collecting an unemployment check is not a career. I do also think paying for something at the point of purchase rather than later in debt is more responsible and cheaper in the long run.

This what is wrong with our educational system.  "Our way of thinking" is a warped sense of moral relativism that is based upon the whims of perceived needs, poverty and injustice.  It is where wrong can be right and right is called wrong.
Illegal is illegal, the circumstances do not determine the rightness  or wrongness.  It is just wrong.
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