Saturday, November 27, 2010

Loose Cannon Fire 11 27 10

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Again, over 1.2 million Californians lost their jobs since 2005. Who controls the state legislature, where laws are made? THE DEMOCRATS!!!
Jobs will be scarce until there is a change.
Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, Jane Harman, Maxine change.

45? So what! In all of America 45 millionaires who side with Obama!? What do you morons think? That their is like 46, 47 millionaires in America. There is more than that within 5 miles of my house.
45. Big deal.

Lobbyists? Labor interests? Big no surprise.
Who did Brown say was in his pocket during that farce of a debate?
Here we go corrupt-o-cats. Business as usual for the party of welfare and no jobs

"But the same poll also found that voters oppose cuts to programs that account for 85 percent of the state budget."
That sounds like it leaves 15% to cut!
Time to cut the cord!!!
Welfare, also known as progressive enslavement program, has never helped, it only enslaves. Time to cut the cord.
I am a teacher. There is still pet projects and pets. I still see more teachers than students in LAUSD. 70,000+ students gone since 2002 means about 2,300 teachers are no longer needed. Time to cut the cord.
Let's see if Jerry Brown will really make the cuts or just Brown us with more taxes.

Harris over Cooley - Get it over with!
Now, we have a clean (?) sweep of Democrats.
Who will they blame, now that not one Republican is left to defend that rights of the middle class?
Get ready for the call for voters to approve taxing the so called rich.
Get ready for take overs of schools.
Get ready for industry to move the heck out of California with the jobs they have to business friendly states.
Over 1.2 million jobs have left California with a Democratic controlled legislature since 2005! And that was with some conservatives able to offer some balance. Now that we Californians foolishly voted in a simple majority vote...who will protect working Californians from the liberal "redistribution" tyranny?

The debacle has begun.
All Democrats all the time. (Here in Calefornia)
Even in the state legislature the simple majority will allow the foolishness to go unchecked.
No blame, just responsibility for their choices, ideology and methods.
Good night and good luck.

What will be interesting is when the left completely runs out of other peoples money.
Who are they going to get to "invest", all the hard working illegal immigrants?
Even the illegals will leave when the jobs leave.
OK, Democrats. Take us to the promised land. We're waiting.
*The LA Times would not post due to “profanity.”

Record Setting Cold in LA - Global warming? I guess Al Gore is not talking at this time so the air is clear.
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