Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Tax Tuesday: A Better Steward of Your Money

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OK my fellow Americans, it's "No Tax Tuesday." My question is are you a better steward your money than the government?

I live in a nice city with a pretty decent school system and police who are bit over the top sometimes but, they do usually keep the bad guys on the other side of the (city) border. But, I am not sure if, by the looks and feel of the roads that tax dollars are utilized the best.

My state is definitely in the crapper. We used to be the fifth largest economy in the world all by ourselves. Now, I am not sure if we even have an economy. Our illustrious senators vote for the protection of smelt fish and shut down huge portions of the farming communities, thus killing a major portion of California's economy. But, we're green! The alleged senator is now running a smear campaign against Carly Fiorina accusing her of outsourcing jobs to other countries. What is the number of jobs lost in California under the Boxer, Pelosi, Harman and Democratic majority reign?

My country? We have been "simulized" into a general stupor of confusion. The Democrats want to spend  more of  our money and tax us more to get that money. Both the Democrats and Republicans already  in Washington have their "solutions" which will only put us more in debt and enslave our children more. So far el presidente Obama has usurped control of 1/6 of the economy by his health careless takeover and who knows what evil lurks behind the unread pages of the financial reform package.

My question was: Who is a better steward of my/your money? When Senators are voting for bills they haven't even read, when a President is pushing through a bill without informing the public, or the Senators what is truly in it, then we have not just irresponsible leadership but dishonest and deceptive leadership. It is time for them to go.

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