Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mad at My Government? Yes!

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Mad? Yes, I am. At who? Just about everybody in any government position.

The President: Yes. No one I have ever seen in my lifetime has done so much to burden the country with long term debt then President Barrack Obama. And yet no one, to my remembrance has blamed someone else more than President Obama. He has the majority in both the Senate and the House, yet, those Republicans...

Senators: Yes, I am mad at this group of self-serving egomaniacs. Any moron that would vote for any bill with out reading it and knowing what they will be enslaving their constituents and their children to, should be considered incompetent and censured, if not thrown out of office. The Senators from my state, Boxer and Pelosi, could not be in any way more foolish than they have proved to be. These nut jobs voted for smelt protection, stimulus plans that don't stimulate, health care takeovers, crushing business opportunities with taxes, and have consistently demonstrated just plain loony tune thinking.

What about my states representatives on the state level? They have not passed a budget. Do they care? It appears not. California is in a downward spiral with people and jobs leaving the state faster than Barbara Boxer can say, "Call me, Senator, I've earned it." But, according to liberal thinking maybe we should raise taxes on those wealthy business owners, that will induce them to hire more people and not leave the state.

And my Govenator: Yes, mad at him too. Democrat in Republicans clothing. Good photo ops though.

Why do I like the Tea Party? Because they tell their conservative leaders to honestly represent them.
Why do I think groups like the so called Coffee Party are silly? Because they are not liberals telling their leaders to be true to their voting base, they are just trying to counter the Tea Party.

I think the voters, conservative and liberal alike, are realizing that our government representatives (with few exceptions) are power hungry, self-serving, elitists.

I will show my anger with my vote. Will you?
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  1. PT,
    Pelosi isn't our senator. I know she acts like it, but it's the "other" woman.
    MG in Carson