Monday, May 10, 2010

Way to Go Sherrif Joe

"He needs to go to Germany and to concentration camps, where his beliefs are valued," protester Sara Elsing, 50, told the Las Vegas Sun.

Hey Sara! Simple question: have you actually read the history of Nazi Germany?
Now a few more (apparently) difficult questions. Do you know the difference between legal and illegal? right and wrong?

Another suggestion: Stop the childish racist because someone disagrees with you crap. To compare someone who believes everyone should obey the law with someone who believed that the solution to his countries problems was the eradication of an entire people group is not only poor logic but frightening that you actually believe it.

I wonder how Sara might feel about an illegal alien if they committed a crime against her, took advantage of the free legal support offered to citizens while she had to pay for her own and got off on a technicality? How would she feel if the person would not have been allowed in this country  because they were a known criminal?

As Americans we support our law officers (except when giving me a ticket) when they are upholding the law because the law should protect law abiding citizens from those who act illegally.

Way to go Sheriff Joe! Keep up the good work. 

Thus saith me.

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