Friday, January 31, 2014

The Lakers and Bill Ayers on Flush 'em Friday the 1 31 14 Edition

Welcome to Flush 'me Friday! Who ya gonna flush? 
For me... 

  • The Lakers Season...please end!
  • Bill Ayers - poster boy for why NOT to take drugs and proof that the university system is a crock. Since brainless surgeons like him have been at the reigns of educational deform, urr, reform its been all downhill. 
  • The State of the Union Address...proving the line between fiction and falsehood is pretty thin.
  • Keith Olbermann - I guess some people like to watch someone who is (at least) a bit dumber than themselves.
  • Keith Richards - thinks he will tell God, "We're the Rolling Stones!" like God would be impressed and ask for an autograph.

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