Friday, November 15, 2013

Dirty Jokes, Dirty Dancing, Climate Change Kooks

Happy Flush 'em Friday! Time to send some well deserved "items" down the drain. This weeks nominees are... 

  • Dirty jokes...if you can't make people laugh without telling off color jokes, you not really funny.
  • Dirty dancing...get a room, go home or go out to the car.
  • Dirty finger nails. Especially if you're handling food.
  • Dirty Dishes. Home or way it's not cool.
  • Climate Change Kooks. You know who you are. You think typhoon Haiyan was because everyone doesn't drive a Prius or a bike. You believe that if all the unbelievers would repent of their carbon fuel burning ways that that global warming apocalypse might not come upon us. 
  • The Un-Affordable Care Act. A farce, by a farce, voted in by fools. 
  • Liberal hacks...a pack of propagandists. 
  • Liberal politicians...a bunch of power hungry elitists.
  • Liberal a liberal truth is irrelevant.  

Who would you like to flush?

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