Saturday, July 20, 2013

Al Gore, Hillary Clinton on Loose Cannon Fire

Look out below! It's time for some Loose Cannon Fire from PTVoice!
Add your own and let the battle begin!

Admired? Al Gore admired. Only by leftists. Only by those who vainly think they can save the world by driving a Prius and eating vegan.
Bush was despised by liberals because he whipped their asterisks in two elections and no matter how hard they tried to demonize him he still looked better than Kerry!
Now, after a bit of the thin layer of lies covering Obama is wearing off, Bush is looking better than Obama.

No matter how the trial ends, the death of anyone is a tragedy.
The presumption of innocence, according to the law, goes to the accused. Zimmerman is the accused. The sad reality is that African Americans assume white guilt in every situation. In order to place that guilt on Zimmerman, he was labeled a "white hispanic". Thus, guilty in the eyes of many.
Trayvon is not being tried. If Zimmerman is declared innocent, that does not mean that Martin would be declared guilty. It does mean that Zimmerman would have had a reasonable right to defend himself.

(In response to E.J. Dionne’s “opinion” piece “Hillary Clinton and the quiet gender revolution” - I'm sure conservatives all over the USA can't wait for her "What does it matter!" campaign.

It's not about gender. I think Condoleeza RIce would have made a great President.

The issue is ability. Hillary could not tell when her husband was messing around (or worse, ignored it) or couldn't make the call about Benghazi. The only thing she did as SOS was try to cover her bosses backside. The "image" of a female president is all that Hillary represents to Democrats.

The death of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy, not matter how you look at it.
The question of justice is being flung about like a  sledgehammer in a china shop. Would justice of been served if Zimmerman was dead due to having his head smashed against the sidewalk? Would justice of been served if Trayvon had been able to grab the gun and shoot the "crazy ass cracker"? Would justice have been served if Zimmerman was just beaten to a bloody pulp? Is justice being served by the few who have decided to "get some justice" by looting or smashing police cars?

No one convicted Trayvon Martin of anything. The jury, declared that there was reason to be that George Zimmerman acted in self defense.
His death is a tragedy any way that anyone looks at it.
How would you teach your child to NOT be in a situation like Trayvon found himself in?
Be real Eugene, take race out of it, and just consider yourself not just as Trayvon, but maybe as George Zimmerman. How would you react.? Not as you in hindsight, but as a citizen whose community justifiably feels under attack?

Ms. Butler,
What god do you believe in? What god are you talking about? Let me just ask one more question: Has a black person ever been accused of  a crime they were guilty of committing?

Whenever I hear someone like Meyerson use the words "fair" or "reform" I know what's coming is neither fair, especially to those they claim to want to help, nor reforming for the better.
If you raise the minimum wage in ANY way you raise the cost of everything performed or produced using minimum wage labor, thus raising the cost of the product. So, if the person making minimum wage takes his family to McDonalds with the increase in pay, he discovers that the cost for McDonalds has gone up too.
Raising the minimum wage doesn't help minimum wage earners, it just deceives them into thinking something is better. A slight of hand trick to manipulate voters.

If you back someone into a corner they will usually fight there way out. Unfortunately, nearly all conversations about race begin with some statement that backs someone else into a corner.
The current methodology, used by many,  of entering into "discussions" into race issues absolutely begins by place many people in a corner and assume their racism.  
A friend of mine once told me, "You have no idea of what is like to be black in America!" I replied, "I NEVER said I did. And, by the way, you have no idea what it is actually like to be white in America."  
The sad thing, Eugene, is that you actually seem disappointed that the President didn't capitalize on the Trayvon Martin tragedy to highlight social injustice, thus dividing the country more.

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