Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Loose Cannon Fire From PTVoice

Time for a little loose cannon fire. 

  • If you actually believe the Obama administration acts with integrity and the best interests of the United States, you are delusional.
  • Hello. Anybody there? Climate change? Change the subject is more like it. Your leader is either clueless or just a self-absorbed liar. You should be more concerned about if your phone lines are being tapped than climate change.
  • It's not a fly in the soup is a fool in the White House.
  • Demonizing Bush was the Democrats only hope of getting into the White House. The propaganda machine known as the press has been nothing more than puppets. Someone like Stossel  who actually seeks facts and the truth can't remain on the left because the left only wants the "truth" as they see it to be propagated.
  • I don't think Obama thinks it's difficult being Obama. Not only is it obvious that he is deeply in love with himself, he knows the liberal media blindly worships him and will avoid any serious attempts at journalism in regard to his integrity or intentions.
  • By-the-way, why would any POTUS give England back a bust of Winston Churchill?

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