Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelNow that even the propaganda wing of the Democratic party, sometimes loosely referred to as the press, has felt the cold, backhanded, creepy paranoid reach of the one, Barack Hussein Obama, they have seemingly begun to question his motives and integrity.  

Just how delusional is the President to even feel the need to tap the phones of the Associated Press? I mean, really, the people who have been unwilling to tell the truth about the POTUS are even seen as his possible enemy. Doesn't that sound a bit off to you? 

What's not to hate about the IRS? Now, you can add venomous thug to the job description if you care to work for them. That Obama has been using them to punish anyone, from Mitt Romney's donner's to Tea Party groups and leaders, is just a testament to who Obama really is.  What do you call someone who denies responsibility, blames people who trusts him, and attacks enemies and friends alike? Mr. President... 

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