Friday, April 12, 2013

Melissa Harris-Perry Must be Flushed on Flush 'em Friday 4 12 13

Happy Flush 'em Friday! Today is an easy choice for me. 

I must flush:

  • Melissa Harris-Perry - she needs a collective flush for even hinting at the idea that children should belong to the state! Just that she uses such blatant socialist language should set off alarms like a fat kid ordering an extra large slurpee in New York. 
  • The University of Tulane - that they propagate and allow this stupidity to be taught warrants the removal of their accreditation. This is precisely what is wrong with the entire academic community.  
  • MSNBC - for having such a leftist, anti-American anchor. When the media has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the socialist party (I can't even called them Democrats anymore!), you of course will end up with hypocritical propagandists speaking lies as if they were truth.
America needs to flush these people out!

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