Friday, March 1, 2013

Obama Cultists and bachelor watchers on Flush 'em Friday the 3 1 13 Edition

Welcome to Flush 'em Friday. It is time to Flush something.

I checked Google+ and I see this "Thank President Obama for opposing Prop. 8 at the Supreme". No. No thanks. Just a FLUSH!

I would also like to flush the delusional Obama cultist who thinks that Obama has done so much good for the country. Anyone who thinks the un-affordable healthcare act is good, or the price of gas and food is good, or that someone who promised to not raise taxes on the middle class, yet did, anyone who thinks that performance is good is truly clueless. 

I would like to also flush anyone who habitually watches the bachelor. If you enjoy watching completely narcissistic individuals pose and pretend care about someone other than the image in the mirror, you my friend need help. Slap yourself so I don't have to waste the effort. 

I better stop before I get mean. 
Have a blessed week.

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