Friday, January 25, 2013

Coach D'AnPhony, Bill Maher, Hillary Clinton on Flush 'em Friday the 1 25 13 Edition

bozell_toilet_gnomeHappy Flush 'em Friday! It's time to flush those and that which deserves a trip down the drain. This weeks nominees are:

  • The Lakers Season - I feel like.... a clipper fan
  • Coach D'AnPhony... it's a line up, figure it out!
  • Bill Maher - why don't you take a little inner tube over to Cuba, tell the Castro boys they suck. Then, let us know how your childish, blathering, free speech works out in the government you foolishly propose.
  • Hillary Clinton - "What difference does it make?" That was the stupidest comment since, "It depends on what the meaning of is, is." Hillary, there are some dead American's families who it matters to. I also liked the, "not one of my favorite things to do" comment. I used to think you were at least an adult, you know, the world where we (adults) do what we have to do, not just what we want to do. 
  • And finally, this cotton pickin' flu! It has kicked my butt this entire week like an Obama stimulus fund tanking the economy. 
And again, I invite anyone to add a nominee. 
Be well America!

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