Friday, December 28, 2012

Prof. Richard Parnett, Jerry Sandusky, Smokers, Obama and Star Jones on Flush 'em Friday the 12 28 12 Edition

Flush 'em Friday is upon us. Time to flush what needs to be flushed. On this almost illustrious final Friday of 2012 I give you the nominees: 

Boneheads - for doing bonehead things.
Knuckle-heads - for doing things that deserve a knuckle to the head.
Joe Biden Bobble Heads - because that's probably why. 

Jerry Springer - for moralizing immoral crap.
Jerry Jones - for too many face lifts.
Jerry Sandusky - for thinking anything he did was OK.

Just in case - I'm as wrong as you think I am.
Just kidding - I meant to do that.
Just a moment - While I rob you blind.

Global Warming - I'm freezing my behind off now.
Globalist - all Presidents after Ronald Regan.
Globalization - no thanks you can have Mexico and the Sudan.
Global Warming Professors of Music who think those of us who disagree should be executed (Professor Richard Parnett of the almost known University of Graz, not grass). 

Smokers - because I always inhale their exhale.
Smoking Presidents - I guess BO doesn't care if you die from his second hand smoke or his policies just as long as you pay taxes first. 
Smokers driving with their cigarettes at arms length out their windows. 

Chris Brown - wasn't he a singer once? 
Chris Bosh - don't act tough when you're a finesse player.
Chris Matthews - liberal hack with a bad haircut and attitude.
Chris Cross - the rap duo and the game. 

Last of all I would like to flush Star Jones for using the race card because she can't think up anything else. Does she actually think Django is a true story? I disagree with President Obama for the same reason I disagree with Biden. Actually, I disagree with Obama because he more like Castro than Kennedy. Frankly, it's time for Star Jones to get over herself. You are an American the same as me. We just disagree. Be flushed for calling me a racist.

That said, may each and everyone of you have a blessed and prosperous new year.

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