Thursday, October 11, 2012

Martha Raddatz and blathering Biden on Flush 'em Friday the 10 12 12 Edition

It's time for Flush 'em Friday! 
OK, after that so called debate or rather interrupt fest, these are my nominees. 
  • Martha Raddatz - moderator and host of Obama wedding. Media member without a conscience. Save for Joe B's 80 some odd interruptions her half dozen plus would seem bizarre.
  • Joe Biden - blathering fool - accomplished fictional fact creator. 
  • The media - heard what they wanted to hear. 
  • George Stephanopoulos - I guess he thinks being an ignorant rude horses behind makes someone a strong debater. Like I said before, put a skirt on him and give him some pom poms, because he's such a cheerleader for the democratic party.
  • Diane Sawyer - whatever she's drinking must be good because she's so giddy. 
  • The parent of the kid on my son's little league team who wanted to pay the ump more than the other team did. Yes he sucked. But, it's little league. 
  • The Chevy Volt and the US government for buying a bunch of them. Double dumb bail out. 
That's all for now, unless you'd like to add a few...

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