Friday, September 28, 2012

MSNBC and the NFL on Flush 'em Friday the 9 28 12 Edition

Happy Flush 'em Friday! Today I would like to nominate the following for flushasion:

  • MSNBC for manipulating audio for Romney. No conscience = no shame. No brains = no headaches. 
  • Punk Dem's for "demanding" answers about Benghazi-gate AFTER the election. Way to try to LOOK like you have a moral compass without actually using one.
  • Anybody gullible enough to think that radical Muslims can be reasoned with by anything other than pure strength and the will to fight them to the death. 
  • The NFL for not dealing with the referee situation earlier. 
  • Amateur golfers who throws fits, cuss and swear like a waitress when they don't hit the ball perfect. 
  • The flower of a superintendent of one of the largest school districts in the nation who lied about his resume and la vaca of a school board president who hired him. 
Who saith you needs flushing?

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