Friday, March 9, 2012

Flush 'em Friday: Choleetas, School Boards and Feminists 3 9 12 edition

Happy Friday my fellow flushees! It has been a rough week, so my list reflects my annoyance.

As a teacher I would like to flush...

  • The little teen-age choleetas who think they already know everything. If they could only read the writing on their foreheads that say, "To be used and abused."
  • Parents who say,"I don't know what to do. He acts that way at home too."
  • School board members who obviously eat more than they read.
  • Brainless budget cuts.
  • Both unions that ASSume they represent me. 
As a citizen I would like to flush... 

  • The AFT: Who else is dumb enough to push the reelection of such a disaster of a presidency? Really? A President who is against pollution yet smokes...
  • Antonio Villaraigosa... maybe a high school education isn't enough?
  • Hybrid and electric cars that cost 5 years worth of gas more than a straight gasoline run car.
  • Lisa Miller/ Feminist Fool: for writing an article lumping all churches, mosques and synagogues together. If your feminist ideology taught your ex-whatever how to respect and value all people, which of course includes women the way the churches I have attended have their wouldn't be as many men who capitalize on the feminist dogma that all men are dogs and families don't need husbands or fathers and just leave you because of your ignorance. 
Have a great day and flush a fool on me!

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