Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Tax Tuesday: No Higher Ceilings and No Pelosi 6 28 11 Edition

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Happy No Tax Tuesday!

The democrats keep pushing the raise the debt ceiling of the United States government plan. No. NO. NO!

 More debt means more taxes. especially to a Democrat because that is they only way they know how to raise revenues. They don't know how to create jobs, even green ones. They don't know the difference between a government subsidized job, which does not last, and a free market job which last as long as it is helpful to the economy. A government subsidized job is just another form of welfare. You know, bridges to nowhere type jobs.

Then we have Nancy Pelosi, who calls those who disagree with her unpatriotic, asking for the gavel back. (Only if she plans to hit herself on the head with it every time she attempts to speak.) You know Nancy. Her and her fellow culprits managed to raise the debt 5.2 trillion dollars in the blink of an eye. Thanks, but NO thanks, Nancy. I now pay twice as much for less medical coverage thanks to the Democratic Health care bill. Great job. 

It is a simple formula. More debt = more taxes. Pelosi = more taxes. Democrats = more taxes. 
No debt or less debt = less or no taxes.  No Pelosi or Democrats = less taxes.

By the way, how come the state with the less taxes has created the most jobs (see Texas)? Perhaps a less taxes are better.

No new taxes and no Nancy Pelosi!!! 
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