Friday, January 14, 2011

67% Income Tax Increase. Really?

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I just have to say it. What the #$%*!? are these people thinking? In Illinois the state legislature voted to abuse the citizenry by raising the state income tax rate up to 67%! What kind of senseless person thinks that people can live on LESS money than they already are? It looks like most of the representatives we vote in. And what is the payoff for this abuse? More mismanaged government. 

Why should any citizen think that those who have run our government into catastrophic debt and uselessness should be given the power to TAX us anymore? Why would any person with an once of sense even entertain the notion that Americans need to be taxed which is only punishment and abuse, to pay for the foolish use of our tax dollars? We should not. 

The actions of the Illinois legislature is a warning to all America. Beware! The people in government are by and large power hungry want a be despots. We the people are here to serve their political agendas. On this the Tea Party is absolutely spot on. We are Taxed Enough Already! 
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