Friday, December 2, 2011

Who would you like to Flush 'em Friday The 12 2 11 Edition

OK, all right, I know, I haven't been scribbling out the drivel like I should. So Flush me!

Who would I like to flush this fine Flush 'em Friday?

  • OWC - for still occupying anything except some common sense.
  • Barney Frank - for consistently being Barney Frank.
  • People who think John W. Hinkley Jr. needs any, let alone more, freedom.
  • Austin Kutcher - is he the 1/2?
  • The Philadelphia Eagles football season - self inflicted over confidence and a VY's passing. 
  • The NCAA - for sanctioning USC but being so soft on OSU.
  • 25% off sales - come on give me more.
Someone help me... who do you want to Flush?

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