Friday, December 16, 2011

Flush 'em Friday NBA Owners the 12 16 11 Edition

The following must be flushed...

  • The NBA owners for nixing the CP3 deal to the Lakers. The petty manners in which you all acted is childish beyond belief. I guess we never grow up.
  • David Stern, for being able to look himself in the mirror.
  • Operation Wall Street and its variant strains...what, besides the top of their heads is their point?
  • SPAM...the email and the food.
  • Snobby food-servers who act like you owe them a 20% tip for forgetting to bring you water.
  • People talk with food in their mouths.
  • Complainers who only complain and never help.
  • Jerry Brown for being the Governor he is.
  • Comedians who can only use profanity.
  • J.J. for acting like his Captain Kirk when he's more like Captain Underpants (no disrespect to Captain Underpants).
  • People who say, "Happy Holidays!" because they're afraid of "offending" somebody.
  • And anyone who wants to flush me!


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